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Faith & Mountains

Being a christian is not easy. Yes, it really isn't. Everyone around you tends to watch every move you make, and what makes it much harder is when they just keep an eye on you just to wait for your flaw, and boom, when you finally had a mistake, they'll turn it into a mountain, when in fact, it's just as small as a mustard seed.

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There you go buddies! It took me a while to post the update re my act of moving to my new homeblog so without further ado, let me present to you my new home,
You may follow me on my new blog. You may also follow me on my social media sites. Here they are:
and you can also add me on Facebook, so we could interact. Here it is:
and finally, a facebook group that i created for all pinoy photo enthusiasts who would love to share their craft:
Alrighty! See you on my new home!

Meow, ELLE! :")

I'm MOVING ...

Hi buddies!

I know, and as you can see on my description box, I've said before that this will be my blog from 2015 onwards but we all know that change is constant, and it actually invaded my decision of keeping this blog.

I have fully decided to move to a different host because of some technical reasons, though I would still consider blogspot/blogger since this has the easiest navigation system,may it be by desktop or by mobile.

As of now, I'm currently transferring my posts to my new home but I will not delete it from here. I'll just keep this blog as it is because I believe this already created some traffic/audience. I think? Hahaha! But yeah, i'll keep this blog as it is.

I will be posting my new blog's URL once we're (me and the new blog) done with the process of getting to know each other. LOL! Most definitely, it will be fully updated by the second of January 2016, once my blog turns 2. Weeehh!

Alrighty! This is it for now. Follow me on Instagram: silverg…


Hi buddies! So, I have finally decided to  create another social media account that will go hand in hand with this blog.

I don't have a Facebook nor Twitter page. I don't think i'm gonna create one in the future but we'll see. :)

Ilocos Trip - Day 1: Visiting Vigan

Never in my life have I imagined that I'm gonna love travelling because I got motion sickness so I really am not fond of riding a bus, most of all, and province hopping has never crossed my mind, until one day, this precious opportunity knocked and I've got nothing to do but to accept it. :)

By the way buddies, this post is very special to me as this is my first and real travel article that I'm gonna share with you all, just so you know. *winks* Alright! Here we go!

The Enemies of Faith

These past few months, i've always been clouded by fear. Lagi akong takot sa mga bagay na hindi ko naman alam kung ano, which makes me unproductive, and in the end, i'm just annoying myself.

We were always taught, even when we were kids, to have faith. Well, FAITH,is just a simple five-letter word, with a senseless to a wider definition, depending on how you perceive it.

Where To Stay In Vigan: Green R Hotel (Review)

Upon arriving at the green building that says "GREEN R", we were actually doubting if we really found the right place coz we cannot find the reception area, which normally can be seen at the front door, but since we're too tired and we wanna feel the comfort that only a mattress can give, we entered the building's front door, paved our way up to the second floor, and that's where we found what we're looking for: receptionist.